Gradalis® Clinical Trials

Generations Group

Vigil® is a fully personalized cancer immunotherapy utilizing genetically modified patient’s own tumor cells.

To date we have conducted a Phase 1 study identifying the clinical dose and establishing the early safety profile for the platform. The tumor types studied in Phase 1 included, but not limited to: Ovarian cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, Ewing’s sarcoma, non-small cell lung cancer, colon cancer, and hepatocellular cancer. We have also initiated Phase 2 studies in advanced ovarian cancer and Ewing’s sarcoma.

We are currently conducting clinical studies with primary focus on Vigil® immunotherapy in patients with recurrent / refractory Ewing’s Sarcoma, as well as in combination with other immunotherapies, such as checkpoint inhibitors in patients with advanced women’s cancers.

Below are ongoing clinical trials involving Vigil®.